When Health Belongs to You, Life Follows
senior man and a caregiver talking

Alliance Pharmacy – Plano is a retail pharmacy health care located in Texas formed from a group of highly proficient and compassionate staff.

Our professional teams have been with us for many years. This allows us to cater to you on a one-on-one level to hand down the best services and items. Our commitment is to help everyone in the community, especially families on improving their quality of life. As frontline health care providers, this is why we make it our duty every day to offer exceptional products and services. We want nothing but the best for the community at large. We are attentive to the unique circumstances of every person and family.

We offer optimum quality products as well as fast, reliable, and customizable care. We meet and satisfy your unique health needs in the most convenient and effective manner.

Place a premium on your health and experience us today. Get more information and contact us.

Mission and Vision

We aim to provide our patients with the highest quality of service—outstanding, quality services at affordable rates made possible by highly proficient teams.